Don’t Fall For Scams

While running a complimentary website and marketing checkup on a client last night, they announced a rather interesting set of emails that they have been receiving regarding their website domain name and service set to expire. The messages can be easily interpreted as SCAMS. You’ll… Read More »Don’t Fall For Scams

Traffic Teaser

So, if you haven’t been around my website yet and checked everything out. Here’s something for you. I don’t just build websites. I help modify existing websites for all my clients even if I was not the original designer. When I am not busy helping… Read More »Traffic Teaser

What’s going on?

It’s been a short minute since I last posted on my site!?! I know you probably havent noticed or cared enough. Regardless, I’ve been quoting a slew of website jobs and offering up a few consultations with new and current clients. What you need to… Read More »What’s going on?