Assembling a Website Rocket

If you’ve been to the ASCHE Corp website recently, you have noticed changes being made. We’re restructuring the company with an all new Space theme. Why?

1. Space is cool and its our destiny to explore it.

2. We think we can help people visualize website and internet marketing structures better.

3. We have a bunch of new material coming out over the next few months.

After spending a few weeks designing the new logo and filing for a trademark, we’re beginning the process.

The common idea is to get your business built, much like a rocket.

You put together a solid plan. Then you build your launch platform. Next comes the rocket itself. Propulsion systems, navigation, structural integrity, your payload, and finally your crew and base command.

Catchy right? So look at it from this perspective. Do you want to spend decades doing all the research and planning? Or do you want step right in and jump on it.

ASCHE Corp’s restructuring is dedicated to helping business owners take what they have, and build it into something great and affordable.

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