Website Cost Estimator Tool

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to have your website fully designed? Maybe you’re a business owner that has an outdated website and it’s not doing anything to help your business?

After day of planning and several hours of implementation, we put together an “8 step” website cost estimator tool.

This tool does not just give you the cost of a website. It gives you the FULL PICTURE! It’s designed to be fully transparent. By the end of the process you’ll see each service we offer and how they tie together to make your website PRODUCTIVE.

Here at ASCHE Corp, we 100% stand behind the belief that your website is your most important tool for turning visitors into customers. In order for that to happen, we need to get your website IN FRONT of visitors first.

So check out our tool and follow the steps to create your ideal website for your business.

The steps are as follows:

First you choose your type of website:

Business Portfolio – your typical business website that includes separate pages that share information about you, your products, your services, your history, and your contact info.
eCommerce Online Store – broken down into 4 sized packages, here is where you’ll choose which size online store is correct for you.
Strategic Landing Page – We offer multiple styles of landing pages. Each page has a single strategic objective: to take a visitor and convert them into some form of customer.

Second, depending on which you choose you will have different price points based upon the size of the website. For example, our average price for an eCommerce online store is 10$ per product we have to list. So a large sized eCommerce Store would cost close to 5,000$ for a 500 product store.

Third, we will determine whether you already have website hosting, secure socket layer (SSL), and a domain name. If you already own these you can skip to the next section.

Fourth, you can choose from our list of “On Site Services” What does this mean? It means our business is MOBILE. We would love to come visit your business, drink a few beers, get to know you, and then GET TO WORK. A website is nothing without visuals. So depending on what services you choose, we will come out to you and take business and/or product photos and videos on site and help build the best looking website possible.

Fifth, VERY IMPORTANT here’s where we offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. What is SEO? It’s how well visitors and hopefully new customers find you on Google, Yahoo, and Bing when searching for a service you offer. For example, a plumber would be found if people were searching for “plumbing services.” We recommend you at a bare minimum purchase our smallest SEO package. You can however skip this step if you have your own outside agency. We have our SEO packages set up in the form of competition. If you don’t have a ton of competition in your area or niche then you do not need to pay as much for SEO.

sixth, content management services. Your website is an extension of your business and social media is an extension of your website. The engagement you get by having us post on your social media accounts roughly twice a week sends visitors to your website. The more people visiting your website, the more customers you can convert. We currently offer, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest account management.

seventh, additional website services. You’ll need to check this section often to see what additional features we offer for your website. These include music players, social media content sharing buttons, logo design, google my business setup, and a cost estimator just like this one.

eight, our team is committed to helping you choose the right setup for your business, we’re not in this to try to sell the most expensive all-in-one package. I’ll say it again, we are here to help you succeed! If someone helped you through the website cost estimator tool, please add them to your order for name recognition.

ninth, wait a minute… It’s supposed to be 8 steps right? Well your ninth step is literally a bonus. If you read completely through this article, then take this discount code with you! You’ll get 10% off your total order! Use Code “GoodReview”. Add your email address and a message and we’ll reach out to you to answer any questions!

Go on and head on over to the Website Cost Estimator Tool and give it a try!

If you have any questions give us a call at 321-200-0770 or send an email to:

This same tool can be designed by us, for your business at $600 if you are interested in adding such a service.

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