Don’t Fall For Scams

While running a complimentary website and marketing checkup on a client last night, they announced a rather interesting set of emails that they have been receiving regarding their website domain name and service set to expire.

The messages can be easily interpreted as SCAMS. You’ll see how the emails are not formatted properly and the English isn’t written well. Even the names are messed up. If the scammer actually paid closer attention to detail, he or she may have been able to collect a payment from their target.

NEVER CLICK THE LINKS. It doesn’t matter if the links boldly state the name of your website supplier. Links can be easily altered. For Example look at the following link: You would expect the link to take you to Facebook. HOWEVER hover your mouse over the link and you’ll actually see the real destination as

Many of my clients pay for their own domain names and hosting services. Be very careful managing your website.

  1. Always keep tabs on when your domain name and hosting service expire.
  2. Always use a separate password and username for your website
  3. Keep your password, username, and contract/customer ID # safe
  4. Remember the exact website / company who you purchased your hosting and domain name from, people will try to slightly mimic your supplier in hopes to get your information, or worse: your hard earned money.
  5. Use browser bookmarks for your website. (you can create bookmark folders too, in order to separate them)
  6. Never pay for services over the phone, if you get a call asking for payment, go back to your bookmarked website and verify a payment is due there.
  7. If you think your information is compromised, VISIT your supplier website (from your bookmark) and go to their contact page. Contact their support and tell them what happened.
  8. If you have any questions, ask me for help.

NOTE: If you purchased your domain name (, security, and hosting services directly from me. Please forward any suspicious emails to me. I have full control over your website and you should not have to do anything ever.

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