Traffic Teaser

So, if you haven’t been around my website yet and checked everything out. Here’s something for you.

I don’t just build websites. I help modify existing websites for all my clients even if I was not the original designer.

When I am not busy helping clients rebrand or redesign, I also help my clients remarket their business websites.

I am currently testing out a brand new way to help my clients get more website visitors. My clients over at agreed to be my guinea-pig.

Whats the objective? I decided to see how much time and effort it would take to drive 5000 visitors from the United States, directly to their website. Once accomplished, I will much like to offer this service to all of my clients.

These aren’t just “visitors” though. Bruce Rupert and Tim Scheetz are both musicians. They chose me to build their website to help them spread awareness of their website and their music to other musicians for collaborations, recording, and get into television programs.

The objective is to find them 5000 “useful” visitors from decent and related music websites. I am not trying to send them “fluff” from just anywhere. I also created a whole new landing page for their website specifically for these new visitors to land on. This way when we follow the statistics, we can be sure where these visitors came from and whether they were part of the traffic campaign.

So in just the first 24 hours of this brand new traffic strategy, I am proud to announce over 850 new visitors and 1900 visits to their website!

Stay tuned to hear more at the end of this campaign.

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