What’s going on?

It’s been a short minute since I last posted on my site!?! I know you probably havent noticed or cared enough. Regardless, I’ve been quoting a slew of website jobs and offering up a few consultations with new and current clients.

What you need to know? I’m building something for a long term client. Pre-planning stages are finished, Initial payment has been received, and a new domain name and security has been ordered.

What exactly am I doing? I am helping a client branch out from her current hustle and go hard core into one of her favorite niches. She’s been working a general audience for years, but now she’s found something that she truly enjoys and wants to dive deep.

Why should we care?

This is not going to be just another case file. This is going to be a step-by-step, show-me-the-money, and proof-is-in-the-pudding type of case dedicated to showing you guys and girls what I can do, and how much it pleases me to see their business take off exponentially.

I will be incorporating my big three: Rebranding, Redesigning, and Remarketing all into this one website. You’re going to enjoy this.

Stay tuned.

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