Facebook Targeting: Marketing Mindsets

Get into the heads of your customers. If you are looking for a very ideal specific customer, put yourself into their shoes!

What would your ideal customer be searching for online?

What podcasts do they listen to?

What tools or products do they regularly use?

What books do they read?

What influencers do they follow?

Do some digging! Once you’ve become your ideal customer, you’ll understand exactly how to reach them! Now place your ads directly in front of them and watch the buying begin.


You can target within a 1 mile radius of a specific address. For example, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC (the White House)

Event Locations

You can target the exact location where conventions, concerts, and competitions are held.

Facebook Communities

Its not hard to find a specific Facebook community that you ideal candidate may be part of.

Schools (Past and Present)

Maybe I have a cool invention or need to hire specific talent? Might I suggest targeting M.I.T. Students?

This is all about knowing who your customer is and targeting them directly.


Industries, Job Titles, and Employers,

Maybe I want to run two ads, one ad targeting “owners of roofing companies in Orlando Florida” designed to sell roofing leads. At the same time I’ll run another ad targeting “home owners in Orlando Florida” that need roofing repair companies.

I’m not kidding, people do this regularly. I was part a group mastermind that did stuff like this and more!

The possibilities are endless. Send me a message and let’s work together and figure out your ideal customers and how to reach them.

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