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Your business is UNIQUE. We created this Website Estimator tool to help calculate the cost of your business website. Follow each step as shown and at the end you'll have a better understanding on what it will take to create your website. Submit your custom website pricing directly to us and we'll be in touch to help walk you through the next steps.


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We offer three types of websites, eCommerce online stores, Business Website Portfolios, and Strategic Landing Pages (Sales funnels)

Business Website Portfolios can have up to several pages that show what services and products the business specializes in. You'll find pages dedicate to the business itself and how to contact them.

eCommerce website stores are designed to sell multitudes of products. If your main goal is to sell individual items, then "this is the way".

A Strategic Landing Page takes incoming visitors at the top of the landing page and converts them into paying customers by the time they reach the bottom of the page by describing the product for sale, and selling it through various sales processes. There are many type of Landing Pages.

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So you want to build a store eh?

Great choice for small businesses and freelancers getting their feet wet in the online world of eCommerce website stores. This package will cover up to 50 store products for sale.

Have a lot to sell? We'll cover building the store up to 250 products. This package is our most popular.

Okay, So you have a big online store being built, we have you covered up to 1000 products.

You've got a lot to sell huh? This type of website job calls for some serious work! From uploading individual items, creating accurate descriptions, maintaining current items and removing items. We have to make sure your website is running effectively and quickly as well with that kind of luggage.

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Business Portfolio Website

Business Portfolios are standard website that you're used to seeing around the web. They will vary by page size. Choose from the available items below and select the size of website that will suit your business needs.

Get a Great Start-Up Style website that has a home page, and two other pages of your choosing. (About Us, Services, Products, Blog, Contact Us)

As an industry standard. Most websites have 5 pages. Their Home Page, Products/Services Page, About Us Page, Blog Page, and Contact Us Page.

What exactly is a "Large Website?" Generally speaking, you offer a serious amount of services. We will need to create a separate website page for each service. You may also have different locations, you can choose to list them all on your contact page, but generally most people like to have separate pages for each location. With a large website, you'll also need an active blog. We'll catch you on blogs later,

What's an Enterprise Level Website? You're looking at a very large website that covers many topics, services, products, and pages of information. Enterprise websites can include user logins, forums, and a back end where users can manage profiles and data.

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Strategic Landing Page Types

There are many types of strategic landing pages. Each has it's own unique use. Choose the one best for you business below.

Lead Capture Landing pages are designed to get visitors to give you their information such as Full Name, Phone Number, Email, and what they might be interested in.

Remember those late night TV infomercials? Well now we have Infomercial Landing Pages. Visitors that visit these pages will watch a video then attempt to purchase an item or download a product. This price is to set up the page. If you don't have a video, we can make one for you. Keep following the tour.

What's a Micro-Site? Its a one page website that visitors scroll down through to reach your contact info at the bottom. It works great for very small businesses that want their presence online, but not want to dish out the time, money, and effort to keep a larger size website alive.

We call this the MINI STORE. This type of landing page describes a product in every which way and leads visitors into ultimately buying the product after they've read everything about it, including reviews.

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Annual Website Fees: Due Every Year

Every website needs three basic functions to run regardless of how much it costs to build a website. These Items can be purchased elsewhere, but you do have the option to purchase them from ASCHE Corp.

Do you need a website server to host and store your website? Hosting Services do not include your Domain name ( If you use GoDaddy, then yes you need this, they are ripping you off.

You'll need a domain name ( We'll help you pick the best domain name for your business. You'll also need SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. What is SSL? It's security encryption for your website to protect your viewers. All SSL websites have a little "lock" icon next to the URL name in your browser.

Choose this option if you already have these items through another service provider. Note: You will need to provide website hosting and domain login information.

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Search Engine Optimization: Annual or Monthly Contract

You've probably already heard about SEO. What is it? SEO is your advertising alternative to spending money on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Google Ads. Is it cheaper? Yes, by a long shot. With SEO done correctly, your website will appear on the front page of Google Search Results when a customer searches a keyword related to the services your business offers. SEO Includes: SSL Security, Fast Loading Speeds, Mobile Device Friendly, Technical Data, Website Age, Links, Optimized Content, Social Signals, Real Business Information, and User Experience.

If your business is extremely unique, meaning you do not have a bunch of competitors, than it will not be hard to get you on the front of Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines. We will gear your website up using all "White-Hat" (legal) techniques. This is a long drawn out process that requires monthly attention. You should choose this plan at a bare minimum.

With normal competition, you're looking at a decent amount of difficulty to get your search results higher than your competitors. SEO is tough on us website designers because the results of all that long hard work are not instantly shown. It can take up to 12 weeks for SEO to slowly move your website in front of your competitors.

In addition to making sure your website is running in it's best shape, we will have to spend time writing and sharing SEO Optimized articles on your website. We'll have to reach out to other websites that share authority in your niche and ask them to link to your website and build it's popularity. Google's Search Engine was built on Popularity. If you do not have enough other websites linking back to your website, you are going to have trouble scoring front page results.

We will need to run reports on your competitors in order to determine the cost of your SEO Plan. An Enterprise level SEO package requires a dedicated individual to service all SEO needs. Call us at 321-200-0770 or email our CEO

If you decide to do SEO on your own, or hire an outside agency please understand that we here at ASCHE Corp will claim absolutely no responsibility for what your Outside Agency does to your website. We will also charge a minimum rate of 250$ an hour to try to fix any damages done. By selecting this option, you agree to these terms.

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Additional Website Services

These Services are optional. Help your business grab more customers and give them that "Wow" factor when they reach your website using these services.

Don't want any extra addons? That's perfectly fine, you can always add them on at a later time should you decide to change your mind.

If you liked this whole process, and you want to add the same to your website to help your customer along the path to choosing which services are best for them, then add this tool!

Add Social Media Share buttons to your website. If you have a really good group of followers, getting them to share specific content on your website will drive more customers to you. Make sure you message us with links to all of your social media accounts so that we can set this up.

Want to learn how your website was built? Want to learn how to maintain it yourself? Want to learn how to write great blog posts? Want to learn the basics of SEO? If you or an employee of yours want to learn how to manage your website we can teach you! This training is great if you want to save money on maintenance and want to speed up the process of getting your website revised yourself. Note: We can't train you until after we get your website built.

Does your business need a new logo? Get your business a brand new logo in 4K (3840 x 2160 pixel) Resolution. Our Logo's are designed by the best free hand Artist we've ever met. Your logo will come with 2 free revisions. Check out our other logo packages in on our branding page.

You most likely are already aware about Google My Business and Bing Places for Business. However did you know crucial these two business listing directories are? If you are a LOCAL based business. Your GMB and BPB Listings are worth their weight in Bitcoin, or Gold. If you do not show up in the "3 pack" on Google Maps (top three businesses) you are missing out on a serious amount of customers. Grant us access to "manage" your GMB and BPB and we'll go through the whole program and make sure you're not losing out.

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Did anyone help you?

If you had a specific ASCHE Corp Ambassador help you through the process, please choose their name.

Aaron, our CEO and lead website design specialist helped you through our Website Estimator.

Gary, our digital media design specialist helped you through the process.

Jacob, our sales and content marketing specialist helped you through our Website Estimator.

Johnny, our sales and business specialist helped you through our Website Estimator.

Well congratulations on making it this far. We're sorry if nobody was available to help you through. Make sure to leave a message with us on the last page if you have any questions.

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Onsite Services

ROAD TRIP! Hate dealing with people over the phone, email, text, or zoom? We will come to your business location and handle business in person! Check out the onsite services we offer below:

Choose this option to skip on to the next step.

If you don't have great photos, or you don't have the time to take great photos, that's alright! We'll send a professional camera crew (1-2 people) to your location to set up and take photos. If your business is mobile, we'll follow you. If you're a service based business, let us visit your shops. If you're a construction based business, we'll bring a hard hat and PPE and take pictures on site.

Yes, you heard right! We'll send our drones in and take great aerial shots of your business. Note: Drone footage must be paired with our "In Person Website Photography".

- +

If you're building an online eCommerce website store, you'll need some great photos of your products. We'll snap photos of each of your products and optimize the images for your online store.

Choose this option if you have a specific product that you would like to promote and sell. This option works well with website landing pages that funnel visitors directly into paying customers. We'll collaborate with you then grab our video gear and start filming on site.

Did you know that multimedia in the form of Video is the best form of online advertising? EVER? Yeah, we do those too! Add this to your order and we'll shoot an on-site business advertisement video.

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Content Management Services

I know, this stuff may be getting overwhelming, but it is extremely important that we give you everything we offer. Content management services are important to keep engagement with your customers. Below are the packages we offer.

Choose this option if you already have someone managing your social media accounts and posting blog articles on your website. It doesn't take a bunch of talent to do these services, however there is a lot of time involved in doing it yourself.

Almost every business has a Facebook account. With our Monthly Facebook Management Package you get: We'll manage and create your Facebook business page We'll add fresh cover and profile photos each month We'll write two posts per week We'll answer incoming questions We'll respond to customer reviews

If your business doesn't already have a LinkedIn business page, you're missing out on some professional relationships. We'll manage and create your LinkedIn business page We'll add fresh cover and profile photos each month We'll write two posts per week We'll answer incoming questions We'll respond to customer reviews

Instagram is all the rave right now. Its an amazing tool to engage customers with on an image level. We'll manage and create your LinkedIn business page We'll write/share two posts per week We'll answer incoming questions We'll follow strategies to grow your account following

Pinterest is a powerful tool to engage with your customers and gauge their interest in products or services that you offer. We'll manage and create your Pinterest business page We'll add fresh cover and profile photos each month We'll write two posts per week We'll answer incoming questions We'll install a plugin on your website that allows people to "pin" your photos and share them.

We all have a love / hate relationship with Twitter, however it is still a great and powerful tool to announce to your following and recent news regarding your company. We'll manage and create your twitter business page We'll add fresh cover and profile photos each month We'll write two posts per week We'll answer incoming questions We'll follow growth strategies to increase your Twitter following.

What's a website blog? If you swung by our "Articles" page on the website you will find our blog. What's the purpose of a Blog? A blog is designed to keep your website actively sharing information. It allows your visitors to see that your website is consistently managed and updated. The biggest bonus to blog sharing is to show your wealth of knowledge and expertise you have in your field of business. Your articles if written with SEO in mind, will attract visitors from Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines. Most of the website we build automatically include Blogs, If you purchase this service, you'll get two guest blog posts written by us each month.

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Final cost

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Let's Build Your Website!

How much should a website cost?

Everyone charges a different price for websites! We know, this is completely annoying. How would you know whether you’re about to pay entirely too much for a website? 

As a website designer since 2004, Aaron Scheetz has seen astronomically priced websites and rediculously cheap websites. 

If you want or can only afford a cheap website, that’s perfectly fine it’s all about getting your foot in the door. However, you will need to do the extra leg work to get visitors to your website.

Our team spent a whole weekend not too long ago putting together a pdf document that lists all our services (literally everything we can do) and our prices. If you want to download it, head on over to the contact page and fill out the form and ask for it in the message box.

Even our pdf, after days of re-writing it, still might not make the most sense to you. After all, your business is UNIQUE you may need something even more custom than what we have written out in our services.

That’s why we’ve brought you here. On this page you will find a website cost estimator. Follow the steps and click the options you need, at the end there is a special button. You should click it to get a cool surprise!

For more information check out the Website Cost Estimator Tool article!


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