Facebook Targeting: Cold Audiences

I’ve been writing a decent amount of articles on email marketing, I think I should give it a short break.

Lets dig into some quick Facebook Targeting tricks! Did you know you could REALLY-DIVE-DEEP into targeting your exact customer?

Some of the best kept secrets:

The next time you create a Facebook ad, and your goal is to reach other business owners, try targeting one of the following cold audiences.

Target ;:= – PAGEADMINS

Under “DETAILED TARGETING” Click on Behaviours > Digital activities > Facebook page admins.

Select both Business Page Admins, and Facebook Page Admins.

Now your ad will only be shown to people who run facebook/business pages!


Under “DETAILED TARGETING” Click on Interests > Additional Interests

Choose Business Owner

Now your ad will only be shown to people who have “business owner” in their interest section.

These tricks are POWERFUL when trying to find the right customers to show your ads to on Facebook!. I’ll add photos to help you visualize what I am talking about soon.

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