Email Marketing Tips 4: Best time to send emails.

Ever wonder WHEN is the best time to send an email?

Based on multiple studies, and hundreds of thousands of emails sent.

Sunday: 2:00PM Eastern Standard Time. Why? Sunday afternoons, tend to slow down and most business people will start to think about Monday’s work schedule. That’s when a perfectly timed email can get their interest.

Monday: 8:30AM + 3:45PM Eastern Standard Time. The business people you missed on Sunday, will most likely notice your email popping in right at the start of Monday. You can hit them again towards the end of the day of the afternoon when things start to slow down a bit.

Thursday: 8:00PM Eastern Standard Time. I really can’t explain this one. It just works!

Friday 2:00PM Eastern Standard Time. But Friday after lunch, PRIMETIME. Everyone is looking forward to their weekend and looking back on their hectic week. They will be routinely checking emails and checking off to-do lists in case they forgot something important. Sending an email will grab their attention. Any later than 2PM and you hit people with a “idc, it can wait till Monday” approach.

Remember, email marketing is a very cheap yet powerful tool to get yourself more customers. But they gotta OPEN your emails!

The trick is to send your emails, (with attention grabbing subject lines) at the best time in the day when people are actively reading emails. A fresh incoming email gives an even more personal approach. It makes your target think you’re reaching out in real time, even though you might acttually have your emails sent on a schedule.

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