Email Marketing Tips 3: Sending Emails

If your business relies on sending cold emails to possible customers, here are a few tips to boost your “open” and “response” rates.

Lets start with your email address.. USE A REAL NAME! You want someone to open and respond to your email? Emailing with “” is not going to result in a bunch of people interested. However, (yes that is my legit email) might be able to get you to open up a little.

The subject line, I could write a whole topic on that… Oh wait I did! Find it HERE!

The smooth and attention grabbing body… Don’t font this up! Keep it simple! Use 1 font, and stick to BOLD, ;:= – – BULLETS, and UNDERLINES. Shiny bright colorful text just gives us headaches when we’re reading.

Start with a smooth textual and personalized intro, leave photos and email features for much later on in the email. What happens is most email software shows the first few lines of text. If you have <COOL CODES> or photos in the beginning of your email, it might not show up properly. If I see an email that’s not properly displaying, I’m just going to skip over it.

Every email should have a “Call to Action” which is a link leading someone, to some where. If you are writing a very long email, it doesn’t hurt at all (I swear) if you put your link in the opening paragraph AND in the end. If it’s a really really long email, maybe put it in the middle as well. Just be careful your long emails don’t put your target to sleep before he or she manages to click the link. Long emails are for compelling story tellers.

Ending an email:

SIGN IT! Make sure you have your signature! We want to keep it personal!


Maybe you thought your email should have been worded slightly different! No worries, rewrite your email again and resend it to the people who haven’t opened or responded. We call it “SPLIT TESTING” maybe the second email gets better responses? You can choose to use that email and send it first next go-around.

What’s the worst thing they can do? Delete it, Spam it, or respond with a nasty message?

If you get a hating response email them back and say HAH HAH, I GOT YOU TO TALK. Throw in a dad joke too. (my absolute favorite dad joke; “What did the fish say when he bumped his head?… DAM..”) never gets old.

Well you got this far, so I’ll show you an example:

Hey (NAME)! Are you awake right now?

(NAME)… I just wanted to shoot you a quick reminder about this cool new website that I’m building. It’s not finished yet, but you can find a ton of stuff that might help you with your own business one day. Check it out

If you’ve ever wanted a new website or even start your own website for a hobby, side gig, business, etc I’m your guy! I’ve been building websites since the dawn of websites! Okay no, I started in 2005, which is literally means I’ve been doing it for half my entire life now.

Anyway, I’m not just a website designer. I do it ALL. From logos to websites, all the way to marketing tricks and advertising your cool stuff. I’m not the type of guy that keeps super secrets on how to help you build your shindig. [[Pay me and I get you customers – ROBOT VOICE]]. I’ll be that annoying guy that hits you up OUT OF THE FREAKING BLUE and tells you something AWESOME I just learned and how “we” can apply it to your business!

What are my credentials? Aside from 16 Years of hustl’n codes, I’VE SPENT TENS OF THOUSANDS (please don’t tell my wife) on online website and business marketing courses (and I’ve got a few pesky PENN TECH student loans asking for my unborn children, sorry wrong number!)

I took the years to learn this stuff so that you don’t have to! But BELIEVE ME! You are going to learn what I know.. yes you will..

;:= – I’m cool to talk to.

;:= – I’m cool to work with and have YOUR BEST INTEREST as my BEST INTEREST.

;:= – I’m not a computer nerd I SWEAR

;:= – I like guns, camping, video games, and fast cars

So seriously (NAME), go to check out my stuff and send me a message telling me I’m dumb or something. I post stuff regularly, so multiple incoming dumb message will make me feel cool or something. If you want me to work with you say that too, cause that would be cool you know.

I look forward to hearing back!

Aaron Scheetz

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