Email Marketing Tips: Subject Lines

Does your business rely on email marketing? Email marketing can be huge for your business if you know how to get people to “open” your emails.

Curiosity, Urgency, and Personal emails subject lines have the best chances of being opened. I fall for them myself. Here’s a short list of subject lines that maybe even you have fallen for.

In order to choose the right subject line however, you need to know the type of people on your list and what your objective is.

Personal: Get them to think “How do I know this person?”

  1. This is specifically for (NAME)
  2. Here (NAME)
  3. Lets do this (NAME)!
  4. Uhmm sorry to intrude (NAME)
  6. (NAME) Would you like an invitation
  7. Letter for (NAME)
  8. (NAME), can I give you money?

URGENT: Get them to think “whoa what did I just miss?”

  1. re: next monday
  2. 5 more left
  3. (NAME) I need to speak with you TODAY
  4. I need you to read this right now (time-sensitive)
  5. I am still waiting for your call today (NAME)
  6. This cannot wait any longer!

Curiosity: Get them to ask “What the hell is this?”

  1. Why won’t you answer my texts?
  2. Did you post this?
  3. Let’s skip the B.S.
  4. How long will this take?
  5. Its all my fault
  6. Is this what you were looking for?
  7. S**T I made a mistake!
  8. Did you hear what happened yesterday?
  9. Would you date me?
  10. Is this unfair?
  11. I couldn’t be more proud!

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