What can I expect during a free consultation?

Well for starters, an OVERLOAD of information. Seriously, call me when you are in a nice quiet place and have your notepad ready. I am a flawed human being that shares too much information up front and really should charge for it. I have been told that I should seriously just run a consulting business.

I want to know everything about your business. How you got into it and how long you’ve been doing it. Your favorite and least favorite types of customers? What kind of advertising have you done and how well it worked? What you currently earn and how much you’d like to earn in the next 3 years? How many people do you employ? Who are your best performing employees?

It doesn’t matter if you are seasoned in business or if this is your first attempt. Every question I ask helps me put together a game plan for you and your business.

“No same business is the same.”

You’ll walk away knowing exactly what to plan for and the first steps to take to get you on the way.

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