How Could I Possibly Save You Money?

Well. Give me a short phone call (321 200 0770) and I’ll ask you a few questions about you and your current website. Heck, If you don’t already have a website I can help steer you in the right direction!

Let start with Domain names.

Who/where did you purchase your .com .net .co etc name from? Most “.com” domain names cost an average of 20$ per year. Some domain name providers love to tack on multiple fees and ad-dons that you really do not need. If you shop around you can find your domain name free for the first year depending on where you find your hosting service.

Are you using a website builder? Website builders have become increasingly popular. However, you’ll spend way too much monthly on basic functionality. I’ve helped quite a few friends navigate away from all those *website builder* pesky fees that add up to hundreds and hundreds of $ a year.


Don’t get me wrong, you’ll either thoroughly HATE or LOVE building your own website. Some people view it as a chore, while others enjoy the instant gratification of posting and moving text and images around to build an “online home” for their stuff. I admit, I love it.

The problem is these website builder companies charge ridiculous fees for using their build software. I’ve seen very basic websites cost 50$ or more per month ($600 a year) for something that could be so much better at HALF the cost.

In fact, if you want a basic website that does nothing but show your phone number, email address, physical location and a brief message / about us section? I could build that for less than 200$ once and done including the first year cost of your domain name and hosting services.

The thing is, YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING when it comes to a paying someone like myself to build a website FOR YOU.

What can I do for you?

I can cut your website operating costs (domain name, hosting, and security) down to a flat fee of 100$ per year or less.

I can build a 5 page, fully functional, eye popping, interactive, mobile responsive website with many features (analytics, statistics, search engine support, tools, blog, etc) and show you how to use it and edit it for 500$ once and done.

Don’t have time to edit it yourself? I’m only an email, text, or phone call away. Tell me what you want changed and I’ll take care of it for a small fee. Time is money, it’s entirely up to you which you would like to spend.

You want to build an online eCommerce store? That’s where the prices start to grow. Individual items listed in stores can take a long amount of time to upload. I have no set price for this just yet. Depending on the amout of items you want in your store, I’ll always work with you on prices.

Now that’s just website building. Stay tuned to learn how I can help you market and advertise your website after it’s been professionally built and tuned.

Have any Questions? I’m always available 7 days a week from 10AM to 8PM Eastern Standard Time.

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