Are You In The Music Business?

I’ve built several websites over the years, one of them was recently for a duo of musicians that want to get into the producing and collaborating niches.

Bruce Rupert and Tim Scheetz are cousins that have played instruments and written songs together for decades. They reached out to me this year and asked for help starting their new business. They want to write music for movies and other musicians.

Bruce owns Boodink Music (BMI) while Tim owns Deerfarm Music (BMI). Their Music can be found on Spotify, Pandora Radio, Amazon Music, Youtube, and iTunes. Over the last two years they’ve been working hard writing, performing, recording, and producing music.

When Covid-19 hit, it hit the performing industry hard. Since gigs were hard to find in the fully locked down states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, they knew it was time to focus more on writing and producing music. They needed a place where they could put it all together.

Check out

I built this website start to finish while placed in Covid-19 Quarantine.

It started with a few phone calls, and email exchanges (since I live in Florida) regarding color schemes, basic information, and domain name choices. After Tim and Bruce decided on a domain name, I set them up with a great website hosting package and we began their journey.


I laid out their basic webpages with the info given to me. Then went to work on a business logo.

They then asked if I could “photoshop” their logo on Tim’s barn in a music photo.

Next we wanted a way to showcase their music productions.

I work with WordPress. Why? Because WordPress has evolved the way we design Websites. WordPress websites have tens of thousands of “plugins”. Plugins are like computer software programs that we install to do various cool stuff.

One great example of a “plugin” would be the music player that is integrated into the website. Visitors and choose to listen to both Tim’s and Bruce’s music playlists. The music player also allows you to control the music directly from your phone while you browse other websites.

Now, this plugin is a major function to their website.

The music player allows them to link their songs directly to where listeners can purchase (itunes & amazon) or add the songs to their spotify playlists.

This helps Bruce and Tim earn royalties for their music being played elsewhere.

The music player added less than 100$ annually to their website bill. Not bad if you factor in the ability for them to promote and earn extra income through that same plugin. It took a few days of tinkering to get it all the bugs worked out.

As their website started coming together, I asked them to have multiple photos taken to liven up their website. At the time they had random photostock photos of mountains and lakes.

Now that their website looks great, Bruce and Tim can now show off their website to all their listeners. For me, its now time to focus on the backend.

I found a “FREE” website statistics plugin. After installing it we’ve been able to monitor who, when, where, and what visitors look at.

Currently, I am helping them set up their social media accounts. Their website is live and getting hits from all over the world. Now it’s time to focus on marketing and getting more concentrated visitors. As their listener base grows, they’ll be on the fast track to getting their music heard by the right people.

I’m out of time writing this post! Hope it helps. I will post more in depth stuff in the future! If you haven’t yet, please check out their website!

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