Trade Your Skills

Have you ever sat back one day and wished you could just trade your professional skills or items to get help with something without having to deal with cold hard cash?

With the current economy going absolutely CRAZY with taxes and inflation, it could become even harder to get work done.

Here at the ASCHE Corp LABS, we’ve recently been working on an idea that Aaron had back in 2015 to bring you a solution and the remedy is almost ready! We’ve been testing various platforms and plugins and are getting ready for final launch!

How does it work?

Think about “FaceBook” and “LinkedIn”. One is full of cat videos and some really dumb politics, the other is full of business professionals. Neither of them solve work as a great platform to trade goods or services.

We’re building a new social media platform directly targeted at people who want to trade their professional skills to people that have the skilled needed.

Example 1.

Aaron – our CEO, used to be an Automotive Technician for Ford (over a decade ago). When he bought his first home in Irmo, South Carolina; he needed professional help getting his AC system taken care of. Fortunately enough, he had a certified AC Technician friend Alex that needed the starter replaced on a supercharged mustang.

It worked out perfectly, Aaron installed the starter, and Alex diagnosed and fixed Aaron’s AC Unit. Neither one of them needed to spend money on labor.

Example 2.

Adam wanted to have his wife’s car custom airbrushed. He didn’t have the cash to afford a custom airbrush technician. He did however have quite a few valuable items in his garage that he was willing to trade. The problem Adam had was finding a painter that would take the items in trade for services. He found Michael through a car group, and got the custom paint job his wife always wanted.

This new platform we’re building is designed to help people like Aaron and Alex find other professionals out there that need help. It also allows people to trade physical goods for services needed such as Adam and Michael.

So if you have skills that you would love to trade for goods or services, get on our newsletter to find out our new launch date!

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