Website Design

We help businesses transform their website design into 2020+. 

Decades ago, websites were thought up as an interactive business card extension to help customers find general information. 

In 2020, especially with the current craziness of the world, your website needs to be your frontline! 

But I have instagram and facebook, I don’t need a website. Sorry to be blunt, but you’re doing business wrong. 

Don’t get us wrong, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are GREAT TOOLS (we recommend all businesses have these). However, they need to be in support of your website.


Social media can only target people who use social media. Your website, when optimized correctly, can be found EVERYWHERE. You’ll need to take a look into our Seach Engine Optimization packages to learn more.

Our websites focus on your customer base. Thanks to Covid, a huge percentage of customers will now never visit your physical location. You need a website that can handle and convert these visitors to customers. 

Don’t already have a website? NO PROBLEM! I can build you a fully designed, developed, and functional website in no time! 

On multiple occasions, I have had clients give me their current website login information and ask me to make small, medium, and complete website overhauls using their own website hosting providers. Ask for a free consultation and we can figure out what you need done.

User Interface Design. Your website might have all the correct content uploaded, but you might need to have your information organizted and displayed in a much friendlier way for customers that may be struggling to read it.

Mobile optimization is huge deciding factor on how well your website can be found and whether customers will even use your website. Have you ever looked at your website on a tablet or a phone? Do all your images and navigation buttons show up correctly? If they don't then you might need to have me take a look and fix it.

E-Commerce (also known as Online Stores) is a key component to the web today. More businesses are switching over to online drop shipping style stores. It makes it much easier to manage your goods and save money on retail space. Due to current COVID-19 Restrictions, an E-Commerce website could save you.

A domain name is your ".com" name. Website hosting is where all your website data is stored. There are MANY website domain and hosting companies out there. STAY AWAY FROM GODADDY! Before you purchase your domain name, please consult with me. There are many tricks to finding the perfect name and to save money doing so.

Ever hear the phrase "content is key" ? Content creation is quite often overlooked. There are two type of content that I focus on:
1. Straight to the point - for impatient people just want what they came for.
2. Storytelling - for people that want to look around.
Ask me to explain this further.

YES SEO! - Said no business owner ever. If you own a business with some sort of online presence. Then you probably get 4 - 17 phone calls everyday from someone telling you that you need Search Engine Optimization.
SEO is extremely important, but really needs to be handled by your website developer, not a third party company overseas.

A photo is worth 1000 words. Your website in 2020 is your most valuable asset. Photo's can be the deciding factor in whether a customer stays or leaves your website. When working with me, be prepared to send me as many photos as possible. When properly sized, edited, and colored, photos will boost your website's attractiveness by 100x.


Altamonte Springs, Florida