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First Page of Google Search Results

If you can’t find your business on the first page of Google search results when you search keywords, then customers are not finding your business either. Your website needs an overhaul and you need professional help building it’s authority. Only 2% of people will ever choose to visit the 2nd page of search results.

If you are running ads for those same keywords (service & city) and you don’t see your ads, then you need to revise your ad strategy and your website needs to relate better to your ad. Google will prioritize other competitor’s ads based on relevance or they will charge you more per click if your relevance is low.

Luckily for you we manage all of this for you while we build out your website, SEO, and adwords strategy. 

You might also be curious why we have additional information showing up on our Google Search results. We have many different tools that we use to measure your competitors website domain authority and other factors. 

Important Organic Search Engine Marketing Factors

These are just a few of the 200 Google Ranking factors. Search Engine Optimization is a long game.

Website Age

New websites will have trouble ranking if they are less than 6 months old. It’s important to get your website up and running as soon as possible.

SSL Security

You can recognize SSL by the little Padlock symbol up in your search bar next to the url. This means our website is safe for our visitors.

Page Load Speed

Admit it, if this page took longer than 5 seconds to load you would have already left our website. Not even Google likes a slow loading website.

Mobile Responsive

60% of all websites are now visited by mobile device. Run a quick check on your own website and make sure it looks good on your phone.

Optimized Content

Your content is what your visitors and search engines read. We need to make sure it’s actually readable for your users or else they’ll leave.

User Experience

When people visit your website and leave it for another website Google senses that your website might not be relevant.

Social Signals

When businesses send social media traffic to visit their website, it helps increase your website authority and Google will rank your website higher.

Back Links

When many websites point to the same website for a specific keyword, Google determines that it must be the correct website.

Meta Tags

Your meta tages are the physical headlines and decsriptions that display when a search engine shows your website listing.


Image Optimization plays an important factor on how your website looks and page load speed. Google cant see images and relies on alt text

GPS Data

GPS data coordinates are crucial in helping your website show up in local searches. This is a code that we install manually to show Google.

Real Company Info

You need to have real business information on your website. Google consistently checks your business data and verifies that you’re real.

Website Age Factor

If your website is brand new, it is going to run into a few issues ranking on Google search. Google just doesn’t know what your website is about yet and they’re not about to give some new website a higher ranking than someone who has been in the top spot for years.

Luckily for you we do have some methods that help us work around the age factors. It depends on how well your competitors actually rank. One of our methods can take a brand new website in just under 2 months to a top 20 position.

Before we can do this technique though, the website will have to be properly designed and optimized for search engines to understand it.

SSL Secure Socket Layer Factor

If you’ve already read through our website design page, you already know the importance of SSL.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and it’s the standard technology for keeping an internet connection secure. SSL safeguards sensitive data that is being sent between two systems and prevents criminals from reading and modifying any information, including personal details.

The easiest way to determine if a website is secure would be to look up by the URL of the website and see if there is a security lock icon.

Google has made it really clear that if a website is not secure, they will not consider ranking it in order to protect their users. In the near future most browsers won’t even allow unsecured websites to show.


Page Load Speed Factor

The faster your website loads, the higher Google will rank your website. There are many ways you can get your speed increased. We start by optimizing your media file sizes which could mean shrinking some of your images to easier loading sizes. 

Other ways to increase your speed can be directly related to your website server speeds and the amount of javascript and css codes that load inside the header before the rest of your website.

You want to be careful about the website builder platform that you use, some builders have an extensive amount of bloated code inside them and you can’t fix that.

Mobile User Friendly Factor

Google has decided that websites that are mobile friendly will rank much higher than non mobile counterparts. 

We’re actually at the point where you wont see a single website listed that isn’t mobile friendly. Google cares about what’s best for its users. If people stop using Google for their searches, then Google would have a problem. Considering that over 60% of internet searches are done on mobile phones, its completely obvious why Google makes it extremely important to factor in mobile responsiveness.

Mobile Responsiveness is handled at the website design level, and we highly recommend the WordPress content management platform for building mobile friendly websites.

Optimized Content Factor

Content is made up of Links, Titles, Headings, Text, Images, and white space. Since the Google Machine cannot visually see what a website looks like, it bases everything on text, headings, and alternative descriptions. 

Google cannot see images, therefore it relies on image alt text descriptions. 

Google cannot see fancy designs, therefore it relies on titles and text to explain what’s going on in a website.

Google can see when your design elements are too close together and they will notify you to make changes.

Content is import and and Google will rank your content by how many words you have and even determine if you are keyword stuffing your content.

User Experience Factor

User experience is more than just one factor and it plays a vital part in how well your website continues to rank. This is why it is imperative that it is designed correctly from the start. 

The tricky part with search engine optimization is actually keeping you on the first page of search results. This is why SEO is not a once and done thing.

When you jump the line and step on your competitors, they will notice. They’ll either hire a new agency or reach out to their current agency and pay more money to step back up to the plate. 

If something is wrong on your website and it causes visitors to suddenly drop you for someone else, Google will follow suit.

Social Signals Factor

Social media affects your website ranking.

Social websites make great back link citations for your website. They’re one of the easy ways to help you build your website’s authority and popularity. Our core marketing strategy dives into social media for you and helps your audience engage with your website.  We will help you setup multiple accounts and start sharing your business.

Our focus is directly on your website and helping you build your brand’s awareness through multiple channels. We know what works and we do have the ability to train you how to do the social media side quite effectively on your own. 

Back Links - Popularity Factor

One of the strongest ranking factors is dependent on your website’s popularity. The more “other” like-minded websites that share links to your website, the higher Google will rank your website.

Don’t buy links from people that claim to boost your website authority. What you’re buying is a large portion of spammy links that will not improve your site ranking and will hurt you if the quality is too low. These links are often shared with tens of thousands of other websites and have little to no juice behind them.

We pride ourselves in our back-linking technology. We can get you the highest quality guest posts and links on the internet, guaranteed. We’ve invested over $200k in our back-linking methods. 

Meta Tags and Descriptions

Meta Tags are something that must be manually setup inside your website. Many website builders have this feature. A meta tag is a message to your potential visitors to entice them to click your website link. 

You want people to choose your site over the rest of the options. 

Your information needs to be extremely relevant to your website content. If people click on your link and it’s not what they’re looking for, they will leave and it will tell Google that you’re ranking for the wrong keywords.

Google will drop your ranking if too many people don’t find what they’re looking for.

Image Optimization Factor

Images are crucial to making your website content flow naturally. When mixed with the proper amount of white space and text, they make your website easier to read and keep visitors on your site longer. Google also monitors how long people stay on your website. You want to keep them engaged.

Images can easily slow down your website speed however. We see this problem with many photography websites. Photographers love seeing their high resolution work on their websites, however their website visitors drop off for not being able to load the page. 

Image alternative text, captions, and descriptions help search engines understand what visitors are seeing. If the images are labeled correctly it will boost your page performance.

GPS Location Factor

Ranking your business locally is an absolute game changer for many companies. It gets you prime visibility at the top of search results right under paid advertisements and doesn’t cost you money for clicks.

We directly link your business profile through your website using advanced structured “Schema Markup” code. In this code you’ll find your business’s exact GPS coordinates, address, hours of operations, and other important data like links to social media profile pages.

In order for this to work however, we will need to make sure all social media profiles, GMB profile, and  website all have the same matching data.

Real Company Data

Back in 2016 there was a very popular trick SEO gurus used to pull. They would build completely fake business websites and rank them using virtual offices and GMB’s all over the country. 

When the fake business website made it to page 1 of Google search, the SEO Gurus would then sell the incoming customer phonecalls/leads to the highest bidder. 

Google since then has cracked down on this behavior and they’re vigorously tracking business information changes to make sure there are no fake businesses out there doing such a thing. Be careful, there still are people under Google’s radar performing these tactics.

Google rarely accepts virtual offices for GMB any more. You need to find a real office and verify the address with Google via postcard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimization in the simplest terms, is when YOU search for something on Google and a list of websites show up.

SEO can be your advertising alternative to spending money on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Google Ads. Is it cheaper? Yes, by a long shot. With SEO done correctly, your website will appear on the front page of Google Search Results when a customer searches a keyword related to the services your business offers. 

On average, it can take three to six months for Search Engine Optimization changes to reflect on your website. This makes the job painstakingly hard for us website designers. Here at ASCHE Corp, we utilize many SEO tools to consistently check our work and make sure we’re doing our jobs correctly. However, for you – our clients – you may not see any changes for a few months! 

Please understand: we’re breaking a sweat trying to get your website to rank on Google, and we understand that while we’re sweating, you are also sweating as the business owner hoping we didn’t just run off with your money.

Adwords are designed to bring your business customers instantly. They show up as the first three listings on a Google search results page. 

These listings are marked with an “ad” label to let users know that a company is paying to be listed there.

Everytime you click on one of the ads you see, Google will charge that business owner’s ad budget for the click, regardless if that person chooses to become a customer. This is why it is imperative that we make sure your website is ready for visitors. You don’t want to waste valuable time and money sending people to your website without it actually converting visitors into customers.

SEO listings show up a little further down the page, however when someone clicks on an SEO listing, the business owner is not charged for the click. 

We will get into much more detail on this subject on our adwords page.

This question gets asked a ton. 

The best response would be determined by your particular marketing and advertising budget.

However, our core marketing strategy incorporates BOTH adwords and SEO. When you use our hybrid model, you instantly start getting customers while your SEO works through its course in the background. When your SEO is ready and your business starts ranking onto the first page of search results you will see double the amount of customer pouring in front both ads and SEO.

Keep in mind that Google continually changes their search algorithm and may make your website rank better or worse depending on these changes. Your ads however will continue to do their job.

The Benefits of Search Engine Marketing by ASCHE Corp

Unlimited Visitors

Unlike Ads, When your website ranks organically on Google, you'll have access to unlimited visitors.

Free Traffic

Yes, you will pay us to do SEO on a monthly basis, but you don't get charged per click.

Faster Ranking

It's our mission to get you to page 1 of Google search results faster. We have the strategy in place to do it.

10x ROI

There is no higher return on investment. Organic and Maps listings will always get the most clicks and visitors.

People that use search engines are generally desperately in need of a service or product. They are actively looking for it. This is the major different between advertising on Google Vs Facebook. You are hiring us to place your business directly in front of people LOOKING for help.