Off Topic: Desktop Repairs

Friday, shortly after publishing my article for the day, my desktop started shutting down on me randomly. Sometimes I would get 10 minutes of use, and other times it would only last seconds.

On Saturday I started diagnostics on it. I found that my CPU was randomly getting extremely hot. I checked the hoses for my coolant pump and found one hose extremely hot to the touch and the return hose cold. Normally you would expect this to be a working setup, but the return hose needs to be a little warm. I noticed that the radiator fan was not blowing hard enough either.

I decided to make a BEST BUY run and pick up a standard cooling setup and an additional coong fan to replace the weak radiator fan.

This morning I performed the surgery. I completely removed the liquid cooling setup and found that it was low on coolant which likely caused the pump to fail.

I installed a Thermaltake rear mounted fan to the back side of the case since the radiator fan was too weak for my liking.

I removed the case panels and installed a Cooler Master Hyper 213 RGB Black Edition heatsink.

After reinstalling the case panels, I powered it on and cleaned up my desk.

Desktop has been running great now!

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