Google Business Profile Optimization

What once was Google+ (Googles Social Media Platform) and formally known as Google My Business. Google Business Profile is yet another advance in Google’s domination of search engine marketing.

This tool is the ultimate and second fastest way to get your business in front of active ready to buy customers. The fastest way of course is reserved for paid ads with Google Adwords Campaigns, but we will talk about that on another page.

Google My Business Profile (Maps) Test

Run a quick test on your Google Business Profile by searching for the services your business offers and the city your business is located in.

If you can’t find your business on the 3 pack of Google Maps, (also on first page of Google Search) then you need someone to professionally build and modify your Google Business Profile.

One of Google’s recent algorithm changes modifies search results based on how close you are to a business on Google Maps. If you’re sitting in your business office, you’ll most likely show up in the map pack. The key is to show up for customers that are much further away.

Google My Business Profile View

Your Profile will showcase your company name, reviews, addess, service area, hours of operation, a direct call number, and much more.

This profile shows up directly under Google ads and has absolute buying decision power for your customers. In just a matter of seconds visitors will look at your listing, and make a buying decision to call you. 

Want to know which solution is bringing you the most customers? That’s where our advanced digital analytics come into play. We can track every page a customer visits and makes a phone call from. We then use this information to determine where we need to make changes in your strategy. 

We’ll talk more about digital analytics on another page though.

Google My Business Questions and Photos

As visitors scroll down your listing information they’ll see vital decision making information. 

We treat your profile like a social media account. It is important to regularly post photos (especially with GPS embedded data inside them) about you and your business day-to-day operations. Google tracks the amount of views on these.

The “Ask a Question” feature is amazing hack you can use to give potential customers a birds eye view FAQ. You can have a friend ask you specific questions so that you can leave public answers for all future customer to see. Google will also rate you on your response time and give you added boosts for engagement.

Google Business Profile Reviews

A business with 20 reviews can take on another business with 200+ reviews. You don’t even need to have a perfect score to win your spot on the map pack.

The two most important tasks!

1. Ask your current customers for reviews every time you see them. People don’t leave positive reviews unless typically asked. There are many ways to get them to leave reviews.

2. Respond to every single review good or bad with positive energy. If you get a bad review try to publicly remedy the situation. If you handle the situation well, the customer will remove the negative review. Regardless of the outcome, visitors will see that you are actively engaged and care.

Google Business Profile Web Results

We use our technical know-how to modify the schema code behind both your website and your maps listing to show more website results for your business. 

This also works as more social proof that other websites agree with your listing and that you are the best buying decision for your visitors.

This is your opportunity to keep a visitor focused on your business name and build your brand. Without proper optimization, this section could lead your visitors onto other competitor websites.

If your profile sends customers to your website, we can track it and we can monitor what they decide to do on your site.

Google Business Profile Management

You have options.

Option 1) Let us fully create and build out your profile from scratch. We will then grant your ownership of it.

Option 2) If you already have a Profile, all you need to so is select “Add a Manager to Your Business”. 

We will let you know the correct email address to send the manage request to when you sign up. 

We haven’t really even scratched the surface of what your profile can do, even more what we could do for your profile.

Again, this is all part of our core marketing strategy.  Our level and attention to details cannot be beaten.

The Benefits of Google Business Profile Optimization

Rank Faster

Our profile optimization is much faster. Some clients have seen 2nd & 1st place map results in one week

Prime Light

Map-Pack listings on average see 40% more visitor clicks then ads and organic seo.

Expand Locally

It only takes us a few tweaks to get your business expansion going. Expand your service areas!

High Conversion

Convert more traffic and visitors into lifelong customers that will keep coming back.