There are two types of digital advertising!

Active Hot Customer Outreach

Active Advertising, is when you place your ads directly in front of people who are directly searching for the services you offer. We do this through major search engines like Google, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo.
If your type of business focuses only on emergency services, then you want to advertise on search engines where people have an emergency and need help right away. 

Passive Cold Customer Outreach

Passive Advertising, is when you place your ads in front of people who might be interested depending on their interests. This is done on social media platforms such as FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTock, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
If you own a small store or a gym, Facebook ads stand out perfectly and generate a great return on investment depending on your initial offer.

Active Advertising With Google

Strategic Digital Advertising that Evolves

Google Adwords just changed their name to Google Ads. On this page you’ll learn about how Google Pay-Per-Click ads work, when to use them, and what some of our strategies are behind them.

What’s the main reason for Ads? To generate FAST customer acquisition. Google Organic SEO and Google Business Profiles have much higher returns on investment, however depending on your territory and competition, it can take time to get your exposure and traffic.

Google Ads work instantly and help you get extra customers faster while SEO gains traction in the background.

Test Your Google Ads Performance

If you currently have an active ad campaign, we will use our software tools to test your campaign and figure out where you need improvements.

We test for:

  • Click-Through Rate
  • Quality Score
  • Imprssions
  • Activity
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Long-Tail Keywords
  • Wasted Spend
  • Best Practices
  • and more!

Getting Started with Google Ads

If you haven’t already set up an ad account, you have two options.

Option 1) Set up an account with our direction then add us as a manager.

Option 2) Let us set up your account and transfer ownership to you.

Some people have more trust in us than others. It’s okay, we have no hard feelings if you want to be 100% in control.

Once we’re inside we will take a look into what your first ad strategy will cover. You will at this point need to decide on an ad spend budget. Keep reading we will talk about this.

Passive Advertising with Social Media

Getting Started with Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are designed to target specific audiences. With billions of users every month, there are serious amounts of people we can target based on their demographics.

Own a bakery? A craft shop? Restaurant? You can target users that are about to have a birthday.

Own a gym? Target a specific age group, gender, and even someone who recently broke up a relationship and wants a “revenge bod”.

Run concert events? You can target users based on location, age, and music interests.

The list keeps going on. One thing is for sure, you’ll need to strategize with us and determine your customer avatar. There are no limits.

Getting Started with Instagram Ads

Instagram is owned by Facebook and uses the same ads manager platform. To advertise on Instagram can’t be any smoother. 

In order to run Facbook and / or Instagram Ads you will need to have a Facebook business page first.  Don’t worry we can set this up for you as well if you’re not already using a Facebook page.

Both platforms start with an objective. This is so that you can get the best outcome for your money spent.  We break this down into three main categories, Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. 

Everything depends on what you’re actually looking to do. Some businesses are getting ready to launch a product and want to collect leads, build brand awareness, or make direct sales. 

Getting Started with Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is a search engine that leverages visual search. Both Google and Bing have tried to compete but they just cannot match the power of Pinterest. 

We use Pinterest as a straight-forward path to conversion by linking directly to your website sales pages.

For example, all we need to do is create a stunning image of a product you offer, provide a short description and a title, then link it directly to the url of the item you are selling in your store.

If your target audience is mainly women with incomes between 50,000 and 100,000 a year, then Pinterest would be an amazing option for you to advertise on. Seven out of ten users are women.

Getting Started with Youtube Ads

Whats the best form of marketing? Video, hands down. YouTube is the second largest marketing company in the world next to; Google. Yes it is also owned by Google and has over 2 Billion users a month. Never underestimate the power of a video ad. 

YouTube Boasts it’s ease of use and access. It has the broadest audience with a massive user base sharing content.

There are more than 500 hours worth of content uploaded every minute and you can find almost anything. 

Businesses not only can use YouTube Ads to boost their brand awareness, but they can also provide genuine video content and monetize it! There is over a billion hours worth of video watched daily.

Getting Started with TikTok Ads

TikTok is a short video clip style sharing social network. It got it’s start as when it debuted as a music platform for funny lip-sync style videos.

The platform is no longer limited to music, you’ll find videos about fashion, food, education, business, politics, and much more on the app.

Users can add videos straight from their phones and edit them with features like stickers, filters, and background music directly on the app. 

TikTok has a majority of users between the age of 15 – 25. So if teens and young adults are your target audience, you should consider advertising here.

Getting Started with Twitter Ads

Twitter has a unique audience of mostly well educated and high-income urban users.

A good portion of business-to-business and business-to-customer compannies choose to market on Twitter, and that actually beats the other social media platforms currently.

In order to stand out on Twitter however, you’ll need very creative ideas to stand out in the tweet feed as users scroll by. 

Twitter offers a few ways to promote yourself. You can promote your tweets, accounts, trends, and moments. Twitter’s automated ads cost a flat rate per month and can reach up to 30k people.