Custom Branding

We help businesses with custom branding. Often refreshing your business persona will generate more customer interaction. Give your business the gift of rebranding itself.

What is branding?

“Branding is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers” (American Marketing Association).”

A great brand concept would be “Apple.” When people think about cell phones and computers today Apple may not be their choice, but its always a brand option in the market and people WILL think about it.

Products can be copied by other companies, but your brand will always be unique to you.

The idea is to push an idea behind your product that matches your brand. Look at “Smart Water” or “Perrier” both products are “water” but each of them taste astronomically different. The end goal is to get a customer to want to choose your brand over the competitors, and if you’re successful enough at it, make them choose your brand by instinct. 


How to start a brand?

The first step to every brand is the idea of what you want to sell.

What makes what you sell unique and how are you different then everyone else selling something similar. Once you have this in mind, then you decide on a name.

Picking a great business name can be tedious. You want your business name to incorporate your unique idea. While you do this, we suggest that you follow these three steps:

Step 1) You need to have a website hosting service website open and the domain name picker. Too many times we come up with great names only to find out that someone else already bought the domain name ( 

Having Trouble finding a domain name that’s available? Use synonyms! Type the word you wanted to use in Google and write synonym after it. Google will pick from a random website a list of words that have the same meaning as the one you wanted to use. Chances are, you’ll find an even better set of words to describe your unique business!

Once you find a domain name that’s actually available you will need to move to the next step.

Step 2) Hold your horses, don’t buy that domain name just yet! Check your state’s local business listings and make sure there is not already another company formed in your state using that same name. You don’t want to confuse your future customers by sharing the same name as another company, and your state won’t let you register your business.

Step 3) Purchase your domain name and register your business name with your state! Try to do this quickly and reserve your name! Once you have both your domain and business names, it’s time to start working on the most important part of your brand, your Logo. Check out the services we offer below!


Business Logos

Rebranding your business always starts here with a brand new business logo. Logo work can be sophisticated and can take several days to get that ultimate finish.

Business Cards

Your second step to rebranding your business is a fresh new business card that showcases your new logo and your website. You don't have to overdo it. Your name, what you do, your website, and how to get in contact with you is all you need to get started.

Printed Media

I create letterheads, signatures, flyers, notecards, postcards, bills, and many other forms of "printed" media.

Just tell me what you need and I'll get it done.

Banners & Posters

Some of my clients are heavily into trade shows and conventions. I've designed large 4ft by 8ft table banners, posters, and flyers.

To them, being physically seen, attractive, and noticed makes all the difference.

SocialMedia Graphix

Social Media plays a huge role today in your business's branding appeal. I'm not going to force anyone to use social media, but if you are already using it, I can help make it better suit your brand.

Your website, logo, business card, and social media should all flow together.

I can redesign your social media banners, and social media content to keep every post consistent.

Business Gear

You may know it under another term, but for us younger generation. We consider Shirts, Pens, Hats, Bags, Coasters, Magnets, Mousepads, Cups, etc. as Business Swag.

Custom logo printed gear is great for business. You can order it in bulk and gift it away to customers, or you can add an online store to your website and sell it. The objective is to get the gear out to people that will love it and use it everyday so that other people will recognize your brand logo.


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