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I started building websites back in 2004. Back then it was for internet gaming clans and a few places including our local family church. I had just finished building my first desktop pc on my 15th birthday with my cousin and using a dial-up modem I immersed myself into the world wide web. 

I grew up on a small 10 acre farm in Haycock Pennsylvania. Growing up so far out in the country kept me quite secluded to the world. I spent most of my time out in the woods hunting and building tree-houses.  I was privately home-schooled by my parents. When I stumbled on the internet for the first time it instantly changed everything. I could be anywhere I wanted and talk to anyone without a 20 minute drive into town.

The ability to play video games online with people I would have otherwise never been able to meet enthralled me. I found gaming clan communities and websites to be amazing and quickly learned how to build my own.

My father owned and operated a small electronics business in the basement of our small farmhouse. He immediately helped me further my interest in website design by purchasing the Macromedia MX2004 Suite (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash). After finishing 9th grade at home I begged my parents to let me go to Upper Bucks Vo-Tech. There I took various Information Technology courses including database and website design.

I continued to attend both the Upper Bucks tech school and Quakertown Sr High School. I soaked up every ounce of website, graphical, and multimedia design classes. I knew what I wanted to do professionally. The college search had just begun and at the time there were only three schools that offered a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Website Design, Indian University of Technology, Penn College of Technology (Penn State) and Champlain College (Burlington VT).

I traveled all the way out to Indiana University of Technology to check out their campus. While there they were having a statewide website design competition. I decided to participate and won first place and earned a full scholarship. Unfortunately Indiana for me was just too far from home. After visiting the other schools I settled on Penn College of Technology in Williamsport Pa. 

My first year of college was a blast. I aced most most of my classes, except for advanced algebra (ugh). My website design final scored a 198/200 due to a miss-spelled word on my home page – oof. I had a fun year! However, I felt unchallenged in my major. At the time I started dreading the idea of 3 more years (120k debt) of school and later sitting in a cubicle every day coding HTML and CSS for another company. I had not thought about entrepreneurship.

Much to my parent’s dismay, I decided to switch majors and attend Universal Technical Institute for Automotive Technology. I was still extremely interested in technology but wanted to tinker with cars. I graduated with a few awards and many automotive certifications. I extended my training by attending Ford’s Accelerated Credential Training (F.A.C.T.) and later moved to Columbia South Carolina to work for Ford.

I bounced around for a few years working for Ford and then Nissan, while continuing to build websites and started to dive into android/apple mobile apps. I created my first mobile app “Wrench Professionals” and launched it on both iPhone and Android. The app bled me dry. I did not have the knowledge on how to successfully launch a product at the time and wasted all my efforts on the wrong marketing strategy. Shortly after, a competitor won the battle and secured the funding that I was trying for.

I learned an expensive yet valuable lesson, websites are not enough.

It was time for me to go back to school or be schooled. Finances were a mess and I knew I couldn’t afford to go back to college. So I pursued online courses through Udemy. I studied everything I could about marketing and reaching out to the masses. I’ve taken courses on business development and launch strategies. I trained myself on email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and even crowdfunding strategies.

The next step was to build another mobile app and retry. Every idea that I brainstormed was already built and gaining popularity. I couldn’t for the life of me find something original to build, and I did not have the time or a full team to help while working a full time job as an automotive technician. I continued to work on cars and trucks and decided to switch gears again and go back into website design, this time with an emphasis on internet marketing.

In 2016 I married my wife Jenifer and we decided to move to Orlando Florida. I continued my online training while working as a diagnostic technician on heavy equipment. My computer background and mechanical abilities kept me sharp while I worked with long-term website clients and online marketing training. Every day brought me closer to starting another full time website and marketing company.

Fast forward to March 2021:

I decided to finally make the jump again and never look back. ASCHE Corp is my creation. It’s an extension of myself and everything I have learned in the past 33 years of my life. I hit the ground running using a 100$ tip from a customer,  I started ASCHE Corp and quickly grew it into a five-figure company using the very same marketing strategies that I spent years learning.

ASCHE Corp is my future. It’s built upon all my failures and success. When you choose ASCHE Corp to do your website design and marketing, you’re not just hiring a developer or marketer. You’re hiring a partner that cares about your success as much as his own.

ASCHE Corp’s success is based solely on its client’s success. I’m building my company and assembling a team that puts our clients first.


Aaron Scheetz

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