No, it’s not a “typo”. Remarketing is when a customer stumbles upon your website or social media post  and starts seeing advertisements everywhere. It’s almost like magic. There’s a technique behind it. Many businesses currently run boosted social media posts and pay per click ads, but they’re only reaching out to a new customer once. I help them increase their customer reach and retention. You’re paying for these ads, why not have the ads work twice as hard and keep reaching out to the same people?

New to online advertising and marketing? NO PROBLEM! I can help get your business out to the World!

Your website can be so much more. When someone visits your website, you can store their information and retarget that same customer on a different platform.

For example, many of us will click through a website briefly then visit our Facebook to read a few comments and browse our news feeds. ALL OF A SUDDEN you see an advertisement for that same website you looked at earlier and maybe you decide to revisit it again and make a purchase this time.

There are many new email marketing tools that allow you to see who has opened your emails and which email subject lines attracted the most opens. You can automatically retarget that person that opened your email by including that same set of code your website has to target them on another platform. You can also send that person another email automatically asking why they didn't respond back or sign up / purchase what you had to offer.

Facebook and Instagram (since they're basically one in the same now) both have an amazing set of marketing tools that you can adjust and automatically target potential customers.

When Search Engine Optimization isn't enough for your customer obtaining needs, you can also use Google Adwords. Adwords are a form of "Pay to Play" You want your website to show up for a certain keyword and in a certain area? Then you need to set up a specific ad campaign to target your perfect customer.

A picture may be worth 1000 words, but a short video explaining who you are, what you do, and where you do it, can convert hundreds more viewers into customers.

Yes, I can create videos for your business. And YES they REALLY WORK!

Maybe there's something here that I haven't already talked about or maybe none of this actually suits your current business needs. Let's talk about your unique situation and I guarantee I'll find a great way to get your busing out to the masses.

You're in business, clearly you have had some success in advertising. I'm not here to tell you you're doing it wrong. I am here to help you save money and get more results. If you are currently running advertisements, feel free to connect with me and maybe I could learn something from you too!

Business is Chess. Some of us play move by move, others play a few moves in advance. I'm here to help strategize your advertising and marketing techniques. You could have one of the best advertisements out there, but you might be targeting the wrong type of customer with that ad.


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